Greetings from the Tidalove team and welcome to our blog corner, where we’ll talk about all things sustainability, beauty, and personal care!

Here at Tidalove, we are making a daily commitment to introducing small, sustainable habits, but also to redefining everything you’ve known about skincare and personal care. We do this by introducing the eco-friendly personal care tablet, which is pre-measured for the right amount you need while convenient and intuitive to use. Our tablets and body sheets are formulated to melt gently on the skin and allow for easy cleanup, both for your routine and the environment.

We bake in our mission and core values in each of our products. Each tablet is single-use and waste-free, which is normally a contradiction in the skincare industry. But because each of our tablets is single-use, pre-portioned, and melt when they react with water, they are that much more effective in reducing carbon emission and waste from used-up beauty products. We also package our tablets in compostable refills and reusable refillable containers so that you can come back to us anytime to fill up your supply of cleansing tablets. 

Why does it matter and what impact are you having on the world? Each time you purchase from us, our team will pick up another piece of ocean-bound trash. As you cleanse yourself with our products, we take trips to polluted bodies of water around the world on your behalf as a gesture of thanks for your contribution and to give back to the environment.

Our goal is to see all the oceans we know and love clean again and to practice what we call “sparkling sustainability.” We hope you’ll join us in this new wave of sustainability practices.

Be the first to adopt this small, but powerful change, and know that with each tablet or body sheet you use, you are choosing a better future for your skin and the Earth.